44 Daughters

44 Daughters was conceived by Sam Montgomery, an artist and singer, who lives in New York City. His Outsider artwork ranges from handmade dolls to pottery and three-dimensional art made from found objects. The 44 Daughters is a project that began when he was a student at a music academy when he made 44 dolls that lived in his dorm room. The dolls represent what it is to be special and unique.

Sam-Dolls-byers--J78A8059They are all the same, but different, and should be celebrated for who they are and not be judged for how they are different. The Collection has now grown from 44 Daughters to include Sons, Cancer Survivors, Wounded Warriors and Hearts.

Every doll is lovingly handmade by Sam. He draws the patterns for the Dolls, stitches them all by hand, stuffs them, and creates their faces with buttons from his grandmother’s button box and hair from yarn. Each Doll is tagged and numbered to show that it’s an original in the artist’s series. No two dolls are alike.

Sam is based in New York City and conducts make-your-own-doll workshops for special events, personal appearances…and parties!


Doll Story

Sam-Dolls-byers--J78A8072We know we are just dolls that are artwork, but we have more in life than that. We were created by an artist who wanted to show others who we really are. Each of us is unique, yet we are part of a whole family. There are many of us; other daughters, sons, same-sex couples, cancer survivors and wounded warrior dolls. Each is a different size and shape. We are made out of felt fabric, the artist’s grandmother’s buttons, yarn and stuffing. And because each of us is unique, handmade by the artist, we have an inidividual number on a heart to show we are one in a series in the collection.

When we started out, there were only 44 of us. As the days went by, the artist made more and more dolls for the family and collection. Now there are over 800 of us! We know we are very different from each other, but we want us all to be kind and understanding, be strong and never give up, just because we are different.

You may think we don’t have much to say because we are just standing on a table very still. But we know we can make a difference for everyone; we want other people to let us into their lives.

We also have a collection of hearts that range from tiny, one-inch, to four-inches high. These hearts can be carried close to you to bring you joy and happiness, and they can even be strung on ribbons for necklaces. They are secret friends, perfect to put in pockets to travel with you though life.

We are excited to be sold to people who will take good care of us wherever we go. We hope we can change the world by making people happy. There’s never a forever-bad moment in life, it just needs to be looked at differently. Believe in us to make your life brighter.